Argot Men's Accessories x Like

Argot is truly happy to team up on a photo shoot with one of our favorite rapper / producers, Like. A two time Grammy nominated producer and 1/3 of the groundbreaking trio Pac Div. Like has recently released his latest opus Music Made While High. Certainly one of the best hip hop albums to drop this year if you ask us. Full of melodic yet progressive production layered with rich concepts and meticulous lyricism. 

In addition we are fans of Like's personal style. He has a keen eye for accessories and apparel. Always putting together out of the box ensembles in an eye catching manner. 

Please enjoy these pics while listening to Likes Music Made While High (see the link below). Furthermore check out our latest selection of goods from Epperson Mountaineering, HungryEyesNY, and See Plus Co.

Instagram: @clearlyitslike

Photos by: Damien Carter

Instagram: @slaucienega